Library Failure Confessions

Episode 3: Chanté


Welcome to episode 3 of Library Failure Confessions from the League of Awesome Librarians. Our confessor in this episode is: Chanté Hope. Chanté is a librarian from the Bronx, although her New York accent does not come through in typical, mild-mannered conversation. She is newly employed as the Resource Sharing Librarian at SUNY College at Old Westbury (in Long Island, New York). Prior to this, Chante served at the aforementioned Maritime College as a Student Experience and Outreach Librarian, and she has been part of the profession overall since 2008.

Library Failure Confessions is edited and produced by Sam Hansen and executive produced by Ashley Maynor. You can find more about the show at and you can submit your own confession story at

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ACMEScience · Episode 3: Chanté

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