Library Failure Confessions

Episode 2 – Mandi Shepp

Image of Mandi Shepp, a white woman with chin length multi shade blue hair and bangs. She has a nostril ring, a septum piercing, turquoise eye shadow, and a pearl necklace and is wearing a cheetah print shirt.
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Welcome to episode 2 of Library Failure Confessions from the League of Awesome Librarians. Our confessor in our debut episode is: Amanda (Mandi) M. Shepp. Mandi currently serves as the Coordinator of Special Collections & Archives in The State University of New York at Fredonia’s Daniel A. Reed Library Special Collections & Archives Division. She presents and writes on topics related to digitization and historical subjects within the realms of Spiritualism, Victoriana, and the Occult. When she’s not elbow-deep in materials from a bygone era, Mandi can be found homebrewing, experimenting in the kitchen, and enjoying life with her happy-go-lucky husband, Chris, and enormous Norwegian Forest Cat, Kujira.

Library Failure Confessions is edited and produced by Sam Hansen and executive produced by Ashley Maynor. You can find more about the show at and you can submit your own confession story at

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